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Our first product was created about 8 years ago, we started making lotion. My youngest daughter suffers from hyper-pigmentation.  Every time she scrapped her knee or got a scratch, the scar would turn very dark.  My first thought was to keep putting cocoa butter on the scars to lighten them but this never worked.  I began doing research on ways to naturally lighten scars.  I purchased all of the oils that I found had properties to lighten scars.  I tested several combinations and finally I found a blend that was very helpful.  I found that my mixture also helped with eczema, stretch marks, and psoriasis.  I gave containers away to people having skin issues and asked for their input and would make revisions as needed.  They were so excited and thankful for the time and efforts put into my product. So, here we are 8 years later and I have decided to create a business selling lotion.  We then added bath bombs, hair care products, and beard oils later on down the line.

All of our products have been tested on customers with issues that they were not able to get corrected by other means.  We tested someone that has been losing hair in their crown for years and had tried all types of things seen on TV and on the shelves of beauty supply stores.  She never found a product that helped regrow her hair.  With our research and combination of oils, we found the ingredients needed to grow her hair back.  The beard oil was tested on a gentleman that complained of a very itchy beard that was hard to comb.  After much research, we found the perfect ingredients that added shine, conditioned, detangled, and softened his beard. 

We hope that you will try our all natural products and experience the great results that all of customers have experienced.  Please make a purchase, enjoy, and leave your testimony.  

My face was breaking out with eczema.  I had blotches all over.  I used the lotion directly on the spots and I noticed a change within 5 days.  

C. Wright

Wearing braids on a consistent basis, my edges started thinning out.  I used the hair follicle stimulater and started growing my edges back after about a week.  I only had to use the oil twice a week.

G. Tate

I was not feeling very well, I used the mentholated bath bombs.  It really cleared up my congestion and made me feel so much better.

S. Campbell

Welcome to Our Store

We would like to welcome you to our store. All of our products are made of quality oils and essential oils.  We use only the best natural products and guarantee that you will love our products. Please purchase an item or three, you will not be disappointed,

   **Thank you for being a customer**

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